Oliver Electrical Services provides professional grade services for your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial purposes. We provide high quality Standby and Portable generators options for emergency and back power. Our skilled professional’s take the time for planning to ensure a quality installation for your standby generated power source. All the safety measures are properly taken care of, to avoid the overloading of the generators, or any other hazard. A proper positioning and installation of generator prevents noise and carbon monoxide from entering your home or business.

Competitive Pricing

We have the experience and technical knowledge to get it done cost-effectively when it comes to planning, procurement, design, implementation, or maintenance.

Generators are the best investment when it comes to keeping your family safe or your business functioning efficiently during power cuts. Oliver Electrical Services get your job done right with reasonable installation price and professional service. Ask about our affordable prices on generator installations and other services.

Portable generator setup

Portable generator repairs

Permanent generator installations.


Routine generator maintenance is very important, because it’s the one thing when you lose power. Without proper care, generators lose value and reliability. Oliver Electrical Services are experts in residential, commercial, and industrial generator installation, maintenance, and sales. We are well-trained in installing generators and equipped to provide uninterruptible power supplies and backup generators for your home or business.

Why Generators are essential:

You should be prepared at the time of disaster. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, ice storms, and more can destroy your power supply system. Generators offer a back source of power when required.

The benefits of having a generator:

1. Delivers power automatically during a power cut.

2.Prevents your pipes from bursting by allowing warm water to keep flowing.

3. Operates safely during times of natural disaster.

4.Protects your home and business from harmful power fluctuations when the power returns.

5. It ensures that the home or business, or commercial pace is safe and there is no power outage.

6. Allows you to use all your appliances, including heating and cooling systems, televisions, and computers.

When it comes to your business, a generator can keep you up and work during power cuts, ensuring no productivity loss. A generator can keep your computers, Heat, ventilation, and AC systems working so your business does not need to stop just because of the power cuts.

In commercial places like cinema halls, parking places, sports stadiums, everyone is safe if there is no power outage at any time.

How we are different.

Your Safety Is our Priority

You never know when a natural disaster might occur, but with a generator you are always prepared. Oliver Electrical Services provides you with trusted and reliable services for generator sales, installation, and maintenance. Working with electricity is dangerous especially while installing generators. Oliver electricals will ensure that your generator is set up properly, avoiding any dangerous back feeding or other potentially hazard incidents. Fully insured, certified, and committed to your safety, Oliver Electrical services implements extensive training and applies advanced techniques to all of our generator repair and installation projects. Our team helps you choose the best generator that fits your needs. We use only highly rated good brands of generators like Winco and Caterpillar.

Difference in Portable and Stand-by generators

Portable generators deliver temporary backup power. They need frequent refueling. They offer limited power through extension cords from them to any appliance with a cord.

Standby generators deliver long-lasting backup power and are permanently installed on a concrete slab. A residential standby generator is connected directly to a home’s electrical panel, enabling any plugged-in appliances to work smoothly.